Nick Doring

East Village

Staples have changed. Your local shops have just caught up.


Brand Development

PAYCE Property was launching their first retail centre; East Village. In turn they were jump starting the Green Square Urban Renewal programme, which at time of launch had no social infrastructure.

East Village took inspiration from some of the world’s best open food markets (such as Eataly and Borough Market) but combined it with an Australian sense of community. Giving visitors taste of being a local but with thee global flavours they crave… meaning a little less jet lag.

The brand identity takes inspiration from vintage shop awnings to create a flexible modern brand pattern with flexible brand colours.


Launch Campaign

The launch campaign was an interpretation of it’s new positioning, Global flavours. Local taste. Featuring juxtaposed food photography that showcased the centre’s unique offering, blending world tastes with the best of local produce.


Queen of Mardi Gras

PAYCE’s East Village retail centre is a safe space for the local LBGTQ community. So during the Mardi Gras we handed out free post-celebration recovery kits, themed centre installations, community events, cooking classes and The Queen of Mardi Gras - a competition that sought to find Sydney’s fanciest dog. The winner was announced after a small parade within the centre and some great prizes.

All users who tagged their dapper doggies could pick up an InstaTee from the centre.